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Dutch518 - Nov 20, 2021 -
Not quick for me. mom - couldn't find my SA cities. Ah, well.
momthreeb - Nov 20, 2021 -
Thanks Dutch. It is a quick on today. Have a good Saturday.
Dutch518 - Nov 19, 2021 -
Ah, I see - I was worried it was something really bad. Glad you're okay.
momthreeb - Nov 19, 2021 -
Wright brother was the last and wasn't even well hidden. Dutch, my hubby wakes up a lot a night and usually I can sleep through his nightly washroom breaks but the other night it woke me up. Probably lots on my mind with work.
Blowmebuddy - Nov 18, 2021 -
WONERFUL!!! Blank screen today. can not even see the history. Must be doing some update at SW end.
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