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orinocowomble - Dec 2, 2021 -
Last kangaroo got me hopping mad, 1H. I kept clicking on what looks like a sandwich for some reason. BTW SW, it's "chaise longue," not "chaise lounge." As in "Long chair." A lounge is a room.
Mandina - Dec 1, 2021 -
45.36. I had absolutely no idea what mantes were. I was thinking of manatees. So I googled it. according to Wikipedia, "Mantes are one of the earliest ethnic group frequently mentioned in legendary folklore to have inhabited Aceh, Indonesia". I've been that area numerous times, but didn't see any Proto-Malay people in the puzzle/
patinthehat - Dec 1, 2021 -
:34.4, #29 I would not have known what mantes were; I believe the plural is mantises (fascinating creatures!)
Dutch518 - Dec 1, 2021 -
Never heard of praying mantis - called mantes - plural?
CuteBaby53 - Dec 1, 2021 -
No. 14 with 28.4. It was tough finding the mantes.


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