Spot The Difference Daily - Shockwave Original

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diamond36 - Jun 22, 2021 -
Very hard for me today. The left picture is larger than the right one. Just a slight difference but enough to make it harder.
Tagged as: Challenging, Unique
Maggy611 - Jun 19, 2021 -
Glamadiva, try using CTRL - and CTRL +. The first combination reduces the playing area. It doesn't remove the Ad, it just gets the game out of it's way. SW is working on other fixes as well.
Tagged as: Addictive
MSFinMKE - Jun 15, 2021 -
Can't remember the last time I found all of these on my own. Disheartening.
Maggy611 - Jun 13, 2021 -
45.79s in second place.
Tagged as: Addictive
MSFinMKE - Jun 10, 2021 -
Can't play today - no game.


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