Shockwave Original Daily Jigsaw Puzzler

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tami1352 - Sep 14, 2021 -
Like the old version better.
recordlady1 - Sep 12, 2021 -
I love this puzzle game! It's very challenging. It has some quirks but it's fun!
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Tedious
Ashemea - Sep 7, 2021 -
It is very frustrating to have connected pieces hide behind the mostly completed puzzle. I can see an edge but clicking on it won't bring it to to top.
mjeanrou - Sep 7, 2021 -
So frustrating to have pieces hidden behind the almost finished puzzle. How do you grab them?
Tagged as: Tedious
teeto - Sep 5, 2021 -
the caption says, "complete the puzzle as fast as you can". Somebody should tell the game - "load the puzzle as fast as you can" Other than that, no glitches , and I don't mind not having an edge feature; but the smaller playing space could be improved.
Tagged as: Challenging


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