Shockwave Original Daily Jigsaw Puzzler

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Klinsm - Jun 22, 2021 -
I really enjoy solving this puzzle but I don't understand why after about 5 minutes it freezes up and the little color wheel spins where the cursor is. SO frustrating. What the heck did you operators do?
GloriaB - Jun 17, 2021 -
I was almost finished with the jigsaw puzzle, after quite a struggle getting things connected. Then bloop, suddenly the whole thing vanished and I was looking at the last word puzzle I had done. Nuts. What a disappointment.
Tagged as: Challenging
Maggy611 - Jun 16, 2021 -
Treetree60 look at the toolbar above the puzzle workspace. There is a crossed arrow icon. Click on it and any trapped pieces will come to the surface. I hope that helped.
treetree60 - Jun 16, 2021 -
I really like this game but what do you do if you have 2 pieces left that are connected to each other but behind the puzzle? I can't get to them.
teeto - Jun 6, 2021 -
I just tried this one for the first time since all this nonsense started and I can't even get this one to play yesterday's, much less today's or tomorrow's. Page not responding error. At least all the games load from Daily Jigsaw, which is my favorite anyway:)


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