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lisarah - Oct 23, 2021 -
Saturday, I come to the game and find yet again it says I have not played any of India. And I has stayed on the easy that it chose for me!
lisarah - Oct 22, 2021 -
Well I am working my way through India, have done all puzzles so far but no green ticks as it has changed me every day between easy and medium.
MSFinMKE - Oct 20, 2021 -
8 done in less than 2 hours, but working on last one which I started last night. Unfortunately my progress wasn't saved so I have to start all over on that one puzzle.
lisarah - Oct 18, 2021 -
Trip to France completed this week without any problems. I use medium now instead of hard because I just don't have the time to spare anymore.
Kittyonmylap - Oct 18, 2021 -
I'm sticking with Medium for awhile. I love the challenge of the Hard Version, but it's too time-consuming for me right now.
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique


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