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Anonymous - Mar 27, 2018 -
awesome game have been playing for years
Anonymous - Mar 14, 2018 -
super easy, the time limit is perfect... for those who dont have enough time, only do what the open house people want. if on eperson says to clean the windows and another says to upgrade them, just upgrade them! its cleans and repairs them too
Anonymous - Feb 11, 2018 -
Great game for passing time! Note: If you're having trouble with the amount of time, if you want the level to change click level, and if you want the house, click entire house.
Anonymous - Feb 1, 2018 -
The creator should make more house's for if you did them all and add more things to to you know to make it a bit more fun :D
Anonymous - Jan 31, 2018 -
This is a fun game. I play it when I'm bored. For those of you wishing for more time, you do know there is a "This level" selection, so you don't have to do each individual wall, floor and window, right? I select "This Level", upgrade to highest upgrade for each, and still finish with at least a minute or two on the clock, while still upgrading the individual items.


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