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Anonymous - Oct 22, 2018 -
Great game and very addicting! Takes a few remodels to get the hang of it and the time goes by quickly. You can upgrade a WHOLE level which is key and very helpful. Tip: Check the Open House offers right away, it won't count turns your time and you can always refuse and continue to repair! Happy Remodeling!
Anonymous - Sep 23, 2018 -
This game is fun and addicting. It's very satisfying once you get enough money to start buying the more expensive homes to flip. The only complaint is there is not enough time to flip a house completely.
Anonymous - Aug 18, 2018 -
need more time!
Anonymous - Jul 11, 2018 -
Mindlessly scrubbing.
Anonymous - Jun 14, 2018 -
This game is amazing. Since I've discovered it I've played games every day!


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