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kili15 - Jun 23, 2021 -
Thanks, sapphire; I had just narrowed it to "middle of the night"! Mandina, yes, here on the island we rarely go above mid-20s but now looking at 30s on the island, maybe to 40, and 40s in the BC interior. Scary times. But Happy BD to you!
sapphireraptor - Jun 22, 2021 -
i find games change at 8am british summer time at the moment, GMT + 1, so if you can figure out your time difference to that then that ought to help. it used to change then up to a few years ago and reverted to it when they did the site changes.
Tagged as: Addictive
Mandina - Jun 22, 2021 -
Kili15, it's hard to imagine BC hot. I've been there twice. I startled a week old fawn this morning, right outside my door. We just stared at each other and it took off. I hope mom finds it soon. She's been keeping it hidden until now.
rewsi - Jun 22, 2021 -
Kili15 if they have changed the reset time, that might explain something that has been confusing me! For several days now I have not been almost all of the names I normally do. I was starting to wonder if there were different lobbies and i had ended up in a different one! But maybe it is just that it has shifted and they now behind me on the shockwave clock…
kili15 - Jun 21, 2021 -
Hi Mandina - I have a choice of yes or no. It's nice to have a choice! Summer here has just turned HOT which is unusual for SW BC. Get my second vaccine next week, and then planning a bit of travel in August, but only on Vancouver Island. Not ready to go further for a while yet. On another topic, these games used to change day at midnight UT (1700 PDT), but still trying to figure out when it happens now....!


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