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OzSomeOne - Dec 4, 2021 -
He made a note of which SECTION she was sitting in so he could find HER when he came back LATER. :21.72 - :34.69 - 2:12 all #1. You both did very well today and I am truly sorry you don't enjoy it. This is the only game left that I really enjoy, so I will keep at it.
Sinfreecats - Dec 4, 2021 -
Came back, it's snowing again so not going out! Will pop by to read your posts.
lady13bug - Dec 4, 2021 -
I understand Sinfree not sure if it is me or the game is harder but I sort of feel the same. I need a lot more hints than I used to. Oz I have tried to hang in for you as I have met you in person but really it does not seem to be fun anymore. I will stay through next week but also am going to take a break from it. As we reached the SHORE, we could TOUCH the sand and even SPOT a familiar face waiting for us. :28:64(1/3 - 1:27(1/5 - 3:21(1/3
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
Sinfreecats - Dec 3, 2021 -
Not enjoying this game so giving it up for a while
OzSomeOne - Dec 3, 2021 -
She began to SHAKE when she realized WHY a BOX of guns was hidden in the basement. :21.57 - :57.97 - 1:25 all #1


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