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OzSomeOne - Jun 10, 2021 -
She did prefer the QUIET VERSUS the hustle and bustle, YET she did miss the kids being underfoot. :14.59 - :47.92 - 1:21 six #1s again today. LOL Sinfree - you wouldn't want that duck going quackers!
wvdeedee - Jun 10, 2021 -
The PAN of caramel sauce boiled over onto the STOVE leaving behind a STICKY mess. :37.73 (5/21) 1:16 (2/37) 2:52 (6/27) Ladybug, I also struggled on the hard puzzle the other day.
lady13bug - Jun 10, 2021 -
Margaret had a little SLIP on the kitchen floor in front of the STOVE YET managed not to hurt herself. :27:00 - 2:59 - 3:43with hints some Thanks Oz
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
Sinfreecats - Jun 9, 2021 -
The mechanical DUCK could be put into AUTO drive, but you had to be careful about the speed YOU set it at, or it would go quackers.
OzSomeOne - Jun 9, 2021 -
She decided to DUCK out of work for a few minutes and snack on a PEAR, rather than put up with the boss's EGO any longer. :22.49 - :31.25 - 1:47 All six #1s today. Ladybug, I think today's was extra hard due to all those little words - it took me a full :40 to find ego.


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