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SoCalSal - Nov 23, 2021 -
SORT and ROT aren't words?? hmmmm, I can only guess that English is not the native language of whoever wrote this game
sktrdoc - Oct 29, 2021 -
More obscure, made-up words. I know a normal bit about dancing, but ceroc? Never heard of this specialised type of jazz.
sktrdoc - Sep 4, 2021 -
When the game contains ONLY low-frequency words that probably 99% of people have never heard of no matter how well-read they are, the game is frustrating and not fun or educational or anything positive. It is a huge, giant negative experience and you can see by how few people are on the scoreboard that people just don't want to play anymore. FIX IT
sktrdoc - Aug 28, 2021 -
Lots of nonwords today. Really, they need to do better with this game to make it satisfying.
sktrdoc - Aug 2, 2021 -
Impossible 7-letter solution today. Most of the words sound made up and the rest are very low usage words.


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