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Sinfreecats - Sep 17, 2021 -
Hi LB & puzlls, didn't lay yesterday - Thursdays have become a little busy! 3/3 photos, 3/3 silhouettes and 2/3 stamps.
lady13bug - Sep 17, 2021 -
Puzls you trounced me today 5-1 not sure if you have sharpened your skills or if I did not have enough coffee. Oddly the only one I got was silhouettes - imagine- In most I was not even close. Sinfree tell us how you fare.
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Quick
PuzlsRfun - Sep 17, 2021 -
Hello ladybug. I did ok today. Have a good round. I'll check back later.
PuzlsRfun - Sep 16, 2021 -
Good morning ladybug. Well your average was faster overall than mine. 4-2 today for you. You took photos, mojis, sills, and my flags! I edged by on icons and stamps. Both by less than a second. Whew. Waiting to see how sinfree does today.
lady13bug - Sep 16, 2021 -
Thanks Sinfree - nice to be back - hello to both you and Puzls. average scores today for me will check back for updates from you two.
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Quick


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