8 Ball Billiards Classic

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Soundsgr8 - Aug 5, 2021 -
The game is fun but there's no instructions on how to use english on this table. Also, if the table was horizontal instead of vertical it would fit my screen better and I wouldn't have to play the game at 80%. It's difficult for me to see which balls are stripped and which are solid. I do like that I have a choice to play against the computer or a person. It's the best pool game that I have found since I can't play flash games any longer..
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging, Quick
Mowery - Jun 4, 2021 -
likes it !!!
Anonymous - Oct 5, 2020 -
Beyond Really bad!
Anonymous - Jun 12, 2020 -
Amending first review; What I meant was that when your ARE NOT trying to, the cue ball and 8 ball seems to be magnetized to the pockets!!
Anonymous - May 6, 2020 -
It appears that the cue ball and 8 ball has a magnet to the pocket, no matter how crazy your shot and or aim may be. SMH


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